Now as some of you may know, my Year Abroad has come to an end. As a result of this, I have decided to change my blog from a Year Abroad blog to a Travel blog, with posts on all of my travels, tips and more.

The posts from my Year Abroad will still be available, just click on the category called ‘Year Abroad’

If you want to find a particular post, you can use the categories to find it. My new categories are as follows:

  1. Culture- Anything and everything cultural. From the Spanish siesta to the French love of striking
  2. Erasmus tips and advice- contains tips and advice for future Erasmus students
  3. Europe- posts about European countries
  4. Food: this does what it says on the tin, and I have no idea why I hadn’t created this category sooner!
  5. France- a section which only shows posts related to the French side of my Year Abroad
  6. Guides- a section for my Guides to look at
  7. History: this will include interesting posts on the history of different locations.
  8. Languages: want to learn a bit of the local lingo before you go? Then this is the category for you!
  9. North America- posts about North American countries
  10. Recipes- English, Spanish and French recipes, because who doesn’t love food!
  11. Spain- a section which only shows posts related to the Spanish side of my Year Abroad
  12. Survival Guide for Year Abroad- it does what it says on the tin: how to survive a Year Abroad
  13. Tourism: planning a trip abroad, but not sure where to visit or what attractions there are? This category will include informative articles such as: 10 things to do in Ronda or 5 must sees in Oslo.
  14. Travel Blog: every single post written after my Year Abroad will have this tag
  15. Travel tips: tips and advice for travelling
  16. YA Français (all posts written in French)
  17. YA Español (all posts written in Spanish)
  18. Year Abroad: every single blog post from my Year Abroad is in this section

As usual, all categories can be accessed from the right side, or bottom of the homepage, depending on if you’re using a computer or mobile device. And if you want you can follow my blog via email and recieve notifications whenever I make a new post!

I hope you enjoy my blog and happy travels! 🙂
© Abigail Nobes, Brit Abroad, 2017/2018